Autumn is a beautiful person to work with. I came to her with a truckload of limiting beliefs and she was very patient to work through them all with me. I found myself eagerly anticipating our sessions because she creates such a warm, welcoming and sacred space. She is extremely validating, kind, and honest. Autumn provided me with amazing visualizations to help me shift my mindset, asked all the right questions to find the gold tucked away, cleared a lot blockages from my energy, and helped me to see things from a new perspective. . With her help I have been able to feel more confident in myself and what I have to offer. I have let go of caring so much about what other people think. I find that I am emotioanally calmer, and my mindset is less chaotic .Also, she completely over-delivers. You have been warned.

Melissa Opie

Embody Your Soul Purpose

I experienced a single session with Autumn, in the hopes of clearing my biggest money blocks. I went into it hopeful, but was completely blown away by the focused power of the session! Through her, spirit guided me to recognize my own profound magic — I was told to stop doing other people’s cheap magic tricks (pulling a quarter from behind someone’s ear, pulling a rabbit from a hat) and look to the very real, very deep magic available to me. Instead of these basic parlor tricks, I have at my disposal an entire well of ever-present abundance that I can dip into anytime. The visualizations Autumn walked me through were profound, and majorly shifted my awareness of how superficial my old level of abundance was — and how much deeper and sustaining it can be.

Brianna Hall

Creative Static Studios

Just thought I would update you. Launch went better than expected. I exceeded my goal by 20%. I believe your energetic clearing made a difference. I would not describe it as a “breakthrough” as I think that can be deceiving. Not to say it wasn’t a breakthrough but leary of using the term when everyone seems to be focused on the instant fix. I had a “breakthrough” a few years ago when working with a “high end” coach. I made a LOT of money on a launch but later on burnt out and was unable to replicate. I do NOT consider that a breakthrough. That did not help me. I would rather see sustainable change than a one shot stroke of luck. I keep thinking of that apple tree you saw during our session and I would say that is accurately describing what I am experiencing. I don’t have any huge numbers to banter around but I have something more stable and for me far more valuable. A healthy mindset. Thank you Autumn.

Sharon Bechtold

Sharon Bechtold Shamanic Wildlife Art

I am deeply grateful for my work with Autumn. Her quiet thoughtful approach gets to the       heart of my issue and her guidance is valuable. During a session with Autumn she is so grounded I feel centered by the end, no matter the challenges I am facing in my life. Autumn has an ability to let the clutter fall away and I am left with an openness and simplicity – it is so refreshing. During a session she gives me unwavering insights and thoughtful feedback. 

Carla Dudley

Vibrant Metamorphosis

I have been peeling away at the layers that have prevented me from having financial security for 30 years. I’ve never been able to go beyond hand to mouth living. My work with Autumn has had the most profound effect than any other help I have sought. I went from a streak of having no income for 5 months to suddenly earning over $4,000 in one month. I have a new standard of managing my money with integrity that was a natural easy outcome of our work together.

Diane Allen

Eloquent Expressions