Hi, I’m Autumn

(I’m soooo glad you’re here!)

I’m a healer.

I help unconventional, spiritual entrepreneurs get out of their own way, breakthrough blocks, barriers and blind spots so they can build a daringly different life using their Divine gifts and talents. If you are a wayshower, a trailblazer, a changemaker, mystic, or lightbearer… you are the bravehearted soul sister I’ve been dreaming I want to work with you!!!


I know what it’s like to have a wild multipassionate soul that had no desire to follow the herd of what “everybody else” is doing yet trying to live in a world that pushes conformity. It takes bravery and committment to follow your passion and purpose, forge your own path, step up to be the leader you are meant be and live your uniquely Divine life.

Traveling the spiritual entrepreneur path can be hard. There are sooo many ways to get stuck, blocked and bogged down while building and growing your business. It’s easy to get sucked into all the ways big biz gurus tell you how things have to be done… and lose sight of how you’d really like to run your business. Business isn’t one size fits all and you can totally do it your way so it feels good, and makes the money you want.

I hate to see amazingly talented women struggle in business and struggle with money. It’s just wrong because the struggle isn’t necessary. The business thing and the money stuff can be easy.

It does require shifting beliefs, healing and letting go of outdated stories and dysfunctional thoughts, ideas and energies. All of which just happens to be my specialty. If you want to breakthrough your blocks, bust through barriers and shift your shit…. you have come to the right place. Breakthroughs are what I do.

My why is my story.

For years I was afraid that the life I wanted to live wasn’t even possible. So, I didn’t even try.

What did I want?

Fierce love, amazing adventure, meaningful work, beautiful surroundings, wonderful friends and soulful, joyous living…

(not too much to ask-right?)

For a long time I was even afraid to admit to myself some of the things that I wanted.

I tried to be more grateful, to “just be happy” with how things were. After all, I had a decent marriage, good kids and a tolerable job with health insurance and a livable income.

Life was OK.

(But I was miserable.)

My soul wanted more than just OK.

I wanted more.

But first I had to let go of a lot of stuff.

And I learned the more I let go, the more I gained.

I let go of who I thought I should be (and the expectation of who other people thought I should be) and found my truth of who I am, and what I really desired.

I let go of my untruths and gained a connection with an amazing team of guides, angels and other spiritual helpers.

I let go of the desire for control, surrendered to Divine flow.

I let go of limiting beliefs that kept me stuck and only dreaming of the life I wanted and found freedom to move forward… baby step by baby step towards my dreams.

I let go of truckloads of sadness, guilt, shame, and agreements I’d made to myself and others that no longer worked for me),

I let go of familial and collective unconcsious money stories and found financial peace and ease.

I let go of the idea of a paycheck as security and found the thrill ride of being a business owner.

I have built a life I love filled with amazing adventure, meaningful work, wonderful friends and passionate, joyous living… and from that journey my passion and purpose to help other creative, empathic wayshowers, trailblazers, changemakermystics, and lightbearers heal and realize a life and business they love.